Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i' m a software engineer... and finally my dreams have come true..
i'm on bench from yest!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!
this is one euphoric feeling i must say.
Utilize ur companies Broadband net connection... the free koffee.. all the amenities.. and actually get handsomely paid for it! :)
My present schedule goes like..
come to office at 9:30
breakfast till 10:30
sutta till 11:00 [period.. shit i 4got to enter my cubicle!]
go to cubicle.. listen to songs n chat on orkut till 12:30
leisurely lunch till 2:00
sutta break till 2:30
YAWNNNNNNNN.... use the Dormitory.. sexy place wid neatly made beds n AC ;-)
a siesta till 4:00
back to "Work" [Dam it.. hate the word work!!]
Full On use of the mesenger till 4:30
sutta break again! till 5:00
go to the book store [ya they have a retail book store in office premises!] Read a nice mag till 5:30
Snooooooooker time!! [i read this somwehere// life's like a snooker table.. very colorful but all balls] Watever!
play till 7:00
and finally the sprint to the bus stand!!
phewwwwww.. wat a busy N strenous day aint it!!