Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The best Pair!

Been almost half a decade since I've blogged!
Well life at Client side aint exactly a piece if cake as I initially figured it should be...
Inspite of having 24/7 net access hardly ever get time or am too busted to pen down my ruminations..
well anway coming to the reason behind the title of this post, was browsing thru ibnlive today [Actually check out these indian news websites quite frequently now that I do not have access to the ever bellowing, repetitive, almost balaji telefilmish melodramatic news channels back home].. came upon this amazing section..
Here is how it looked in the outset:

He He some unknown dude called "RajKanth" has been compared with the man whose pairs am sure would get auctioned for a billion dollars.. tough comparison aint it??

Lolzzzz... and some say only techies like us do not know how to present matter in the right perspective!

ps--> Here's a link to the article!

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